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We’ve reduced the time to build an app from several months to few hours.


Grazie al comodo gestionale potrai concentrarti sulle cose realmente importanti

There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone.



Until a few years ago, companies operated on sales channels that had their focus in the physical store.

Most often, the whole process of communication, sales and customer service focused on the physical store, where the post-purchase assistance phase was also carried out.

Over time, the number of channels on which to be present has increased, both in the initial customer involvement phase, both in the purchase phase and post-sale phase.

Generally a user, before buying something, passes at least three channels * so having one of them is both a huge competitive advantage and a way to invade the environment and be always present in the eyes of potential customers

[*source ]

The new channer: Apps

What is the only tool ever present in our days?

Exactly, you guessed it: the smartphone.

Being in the pockets of its customers has always been the forbidden dream of every company for obvious reasons.

But in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to offer value to its customers or potential ones.

U’app allows you to increase prestige, better manage your customers’ feedback, and turn off possible fires before they occur and propagate

Hub Plus

Hub Plus is the software for creating and publishing native apps on Android and iOs platforms that will ensure reliability, speed and ease.

To reach this goal we have analyzed hundreds of apps, identified dozens of behavioral patterns and written tons code lines.

All this to allow you to make apps much easier than with any other system in the shortest possible time.

HUB Plus ensure you incredible performances because each app is truly native so:

  • have full control over every aspect of the app
  • really achieve value content
  • obtain the the best from your phone’s hardware

All this results in a greater perception of value by the end user!



For privacy reasons some data has been obscured by the express will of the owners.

Really compliments, you created a very powerful and easy to use tool, I am already proposing to my clients!

Giulio D., Communication Agency

Finally a tool that works fine, beautiful and fast! Compliments!

Andrea P.

You’ve made something really easy, a really remarkable simplification work!

Giuseppe B., Communication Agency

It’s amazing how it takes so little time to create and modify anything. Really, I thought it would be all a lot more difficult and instead I can focus only on what I have to write.

Antonello A.


Basic Plan



in case of annual plan or 150.00 €/month

Main features:

• Native Android and iOs App in few minutes
• Geolocation with gps e iBeacon
• Customized forms
• Unlimited push notifications

And others amazing features

Custom Graphics

Icon creation
Create splash screen in all the necessary resolutions
Graphic palette
Apply palettes to all screens
500,00 € – Una Tantum

Data entry

Content included Cost for entry (€)
from 1 to 30 20,00 for entry
from 31 to 200 14,00 for entry
over 201 7,00 for entry

For example, do you want us to include 35 content for you?
The total cost will be: 30 x 20,00 € + 5 x 14,00 = 600,00 + 70,00€
That is 670,00 €


Our Guarantee

What if I do not want to enjoy more of the service?

Absolutely nothing you can give up at any time. Also, in order not to buy you in a closed box. Remember that you can try the service free of charge by requesting a demo.

What if I’m in trouble and can not do something?

In addition to video guides made available free of charge, we also have chat support that will assist you.

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